A Sucker Rod Fence Makes a Good First Impression When Pulling Up To Any Property

Choosing the right kind of fencing is an important consideration for farmers or ranchers who want to corral herds, keep them out of certain areas or just improve the appearance of their property. In addition to the fencing itself, fence posts must be carefully chosen to help the entire fence structure remain stable. Steel is one of the more preferable types of fencing posts, due its durability and cost. High-density fiberglass posts, more well-known as sucker rods, are an excellent choice for farmers or ranchers who need to erect electric fences in particular on their properties.

Sucker rods were originally designed for use in the oil industry and are still used today to help pump oil or water out of the holes bored in an oil field. They’ve received new life as well thanks to farmers and ranchers who have discovered the benefits of their strength. The rods used for farming and ranching are themselves usually manufactured of fiberglass pr steel and are typically at least eight feet long and between five-eighths and one inch in diameter. Threaded metallic end pieces join several lengths of sucker rods in oil field applications, but aren’t usually needed in fence posts.

Ranchers and farmers particularly appreciate the benefits sucker rod posts provide for electric fencing. Since the posts typically are light gray, they match other fencing materials well. The sucker rod posts don’t conduct electricity, so insulators aren’t necessary. The posts are easy to install in the ground with sledge hammers or post pounders. Special equipment isn’t needed. That doesn’t mean, however, that the posts are weak or fragile. As oil industry equipment, sucker rod posts have a reputation for strength and durability. They can last for twenty years or longer if they’re cared for properly.

A sucker rod fence makes a good first impression when pulling up to any property. This type of fencing post shows its advantage over wooden posts in the areas of lighter weights, east of installation, durability and costs. Maintenance is practically unnecessary. Farmers and ranchers have discovered that sucker rod fencing looks just as good as it performs. Varner Pipe in the West Texas town of Clyde can help farmers and ranchers choose the right kind of sucker rod fencing and posts for their properties.